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Slitting / Rewinding / Laminating


We know Converting.    Slitting, Rewinding and Laminating are what we do.

At CMC, we've been converting materials for over 20 years to ensure our customers have optimized yields, reduced waste and efficient material handling.

We can help you realize incredible cost savings by converting jumbo bulk material rolls into suitable formats for your application. We do this by rewinding and/or laminating materials to a variety of standard core sizes and custom lengths. We can then slit these materials to precise widths optimized to meet the needs of each individual project.


Slitting is an operation that cuts a large roll of material into narrower sized rolls. CMC offers primarily two types of slitting: "log" and "rewind" slitting. The process of log slitting maintains the original roll of material as a whole (the 'log'). We then precisely cut slices from the roll to your custom widths.

  • Slit to any Standard or Custom widths


Rewinding "short" rolls is often a step we complete prior to slitting. By combining the rewinding and slitting processes, it's possible to convert very large "jumbo" rolls into multiple, easier to handle, "short" rolls (often of 500ft length or less). This allows our customers to take advantage of volume discount pricing by ordering materials in bulk jumbo roll format, but still maintain the ability to handle the rolls once converted down to smaller sizes.

  • Convert Jumbo rolls of material to manageable lengths / weights
  • Rewind Slitting / Spooling Services also available


Many of the parts we manufacture for our customers require the lamination of multiple layers of materials. The most common form of lamination is the application of an adhesive and release liner to another substrate, such as foam, rubber sheets, sponge or films.

  • Application of acrylic, rubber and silicon based pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Custom and standard lamination of fabric, film and foam to various open and closed cellular materials
  • Sheeting Services also available
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